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Seven survive serious car accident

Seven people, including three children between the ages of four and seven, were involved in a serious car accident on West Bay Street Saturday evening, according to police.

Police said shortly after 7 p.m. they responded to calls of a vehicle colliding with a Casuarina tree on West Bay Street near Wendy’s, just east of Sandyport Drive.

Upon arrival, police said they called Emergency Medical Services (EMS) and the fire department to assist in removing those still trapped inside the vehicle.

All seven people were transported to hospital where they were treated for head injuries and broken bones, police said.

Two of them, according to police, are in the Intensive Care Unit (ICU).

Yesterday Health Minister Dr. Duane Sands took to Facebook to congratulate the EMS team of Princess Margaret Hospital (PMH), Doctor’s Hospital’s Emergency Medical Technicians (EMT) and in particular, Chief of Service Accident & Emergency Department Dr. Crista Wells for an “exceptional job” in handling the aftermath of the accident.

“Last night, there was yet another tragic road traffic accident,” Sands said.

“The event was managed by first responders and teams of EMS and Doctors Hospital EMT’s who acted quickly and professionally, as did the police.

“At PMH, the Department of Surgery, consultants and house staff, rallied with the incredible staff of Accident and Emergency, Radiology and other departments to salvage and care for all of the victims, some of whom are very young.

“So far, there have been no fatalities.

“I am absolutely proud of our teams. The whole Bahamas should be as well.”

In another post hours later, Sands added: “As the story of last night’s event unfolds there are heroes that deserve special mention.

“There is also evidence of God’s grace.

“A young doctor happened to be passing the scene and she took charge of the management.

“This expert, as eyewitnesses attested, corralled EMT resources and triaged the victims.

“The PMH and Doctors Hospital emergency medical teams performed skillfully and professionally.

“Who could have imagined that in the face of a horrible tragedy, that the chief of emergency medicine, Dr. Crista Wells would be passing by?

“Thanks to her leadership, all the victims made it to hospital where excellent care continued.”

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