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Hanna-Martin calls on minister to act over traffic deaths

Shadow Minister of Transport Glenys Hanna-Martin said yesterday that the number of serious traffic accidents in recent weeks is a matter of national concern and urged Minister of Transport Renward Wells to bring into effect amendments to the Road Traffic Act.

“The number of serious traffic accidents in recent weeks, many resulting in death, is a matter of national concern,” Hanna-Martin said in a statement.

“The nation mourns each tragic and senseless death and I extend my personal condolences to families of all victims.

“I join with the minister of transport in urging road users to exercise the utmost care.

“Most traffic accidents are attributable to human behaviors such as speeding, overtaking in dangerous circumstances, driving under the influence of alcohol and distracted while driving.

“The onus then is on each of us to exercise caution and prudence on the streets.

“I also urge, however, the minister of transport to bring into effect the provisions of the Road Traffic Bill.

“This bill contains a comprehensive safety regime to fill gaps in the current law: this includes the statutory creation of a Road Safety Council.

“This council is designed to bring a singular focus to the causes of traffic accidents and to the implementation of preventative policies and measures based upon empirical data.

“This recent surge in traffic fatalities and serious accidents requires an urgent and accelerated response by policymakers.

“I call upon the minister to respond appropriately.”

According to statistics released by Commissioner of Police Anthony Ferguson in January, 69 people died in traffic accidents in 2018; a 29 percent increase from 2017.

According to The Guardian’s records, there have been 21 traffic fatalities for the year so far.

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