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Load shedding hits New Providence again

Only a week after Bahamas Power and Light (BPL) Chairman Donovan Moxey said BPL was not expecting any load shedding this summer, island-wide load shedding began on New Providence yesterday.

The power outages began at 9:52 a.m., and power was restored throughout all the affected areas by 5:03 p.m., BPL said in a statement on its Facebook page yesterday.

“We are continuing to effect repairs on our generating units at Blue Hills and Clifton Pier Power Stations which came offline and caused the generating shortfall which led to load shedding,” BPL said.

“It is expected that three of these units will be returned to service by 11 p.m. tonight which will place BPL on a more solid footing for service tomorrow.

“While we do not expect any load shedding in predominantly residential areas this evening, some trimming of load may occur in the mainly commercial areas (such as Palmdale, Shirley Street, Mackey Street, etc.) if required.”

The load shedding came without advanced warning.

The exercise affected areas throughout New Providence, including Soldier Road, Bernard Road, Williams Lane in the Kemp Road area, Village Road, Elizabeth Estates, Prince Charles Drive, Fox Hill, Coral Harbour and West Bay Street.

BPL conducted a number of load shedding exercises last year after several fires caused significant damage at the company’s Clifton Pier Power Plant.

The power company has historically struggled to keep up with an increased demand for electricity on New Providence during summer months.

However, last week Moxey said the company did not expect that to be an issue this year.

“We don’t expect any load shedding,” he said.

“There are several generation assets that we’re looking to make sure that we maintain properly [and] appropriately so that we will be ready for the summer.”

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