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Murphy declares no tolerance on corruption at prison

Minister of National Security Marvin Dames said yesterday that the government is looking at the process of the police investigating the police after a recent Coroner’s Court ruling found that a 2016 police-involved shooting was unlawful.

On April 9, a five-member jury unanimously ruled that 22-year-old Osworth Rolle, who was shot in the head and chest, was unlawfully killed at the hands of officer Kendrick Brown on November 30, 2016.

The officer remains on active duty.

It is up to the director of public prosecutions to determine whether any criminal charges will flow from the jury’s verdict.

At the time of the shooting, police said the death would be investigated by the coroner.

However, Coroner Jeanine Weech-Gomez noted that there is no special task force charged with investigating officers in police-involved shooting, asserting “it is the police who will investigate the police”.

Responding to concerns about the policy, Dames said, “Well, it happens.”

He continued, “We’re looking at the process. We continue to look at the process and see how we can improve upon it. That is something that we’re doing as well in respect to the investigation of matters but it happens in other jurisdictions as well.”

When pressed on whether the government intends to change the process of police investigating police, Dames said, “We’re talking about policies. We’re talking about laws and this is the reason why we have lawmakers.

“…You know we’ve been in power for two years. We’ve made significant changes. Are we there yet? No, we’re not.”

Dames declined to comment on whether the government is looking to establish an independent body to investigate such incidents, only saying, “We’re looking at every means to bring about a greater level of transparency in everything we do.”

Asked whether he believed the officer involved should be allowed remain on active duty and be in possession of his gun, Dames said, “I can’t speak to this incident.

“As I said before, we’re always looking at ways to improve our delivery of service to the public and that’s what we will continue to do.

“There are areas…where we need to improve upon and sometimes it takes a matter or incident for us to really look internally to see how we can respond better, but I can’t speak to that particular incident.”

Last week, Commissioner of Police Anthony Ferguson said the officer involved would remain on active duty because “there’s nothing that prevents him from not being on active duty”.

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