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Nine-year-old suffering from brain tumor

Nine-year-old Kenniyha Rolle, the youngest of seven siblings, is a fourth-grade student at Sandilands Primary School with dreams of becoming a chef. Her parents, Kenton and Sharmane Rolle, said she’s so independent that she often cooks for her entire family.

But tragedy struck the family last week after Kenniyha was hospitalized for a brain tumor that became enlarged, impairing her vision and mobility.

“She said, ‘Mommy, daddy, don’t let me die,’” Kenton Rolle told The Nassau Guardian outside the passport office yesterday while trying to secure an emergency passport for his daughter.

“That’s what had me down all yesterday.

“When she said that, I had to turn around and wipe my eyes the next way, just to hide from her [seeing me] crying.”

Sharmane Rolle said her daughter’s health complications struck suddenly after they were called to pick her up from school. She said her daughter complained about trouble seeing the whiteboard.

“She started to feel well and we sent her back to school on Friday,” Rolle said.

“They called us back and said that she appears to look funny and my husband picked her up.

“We took her to the doctor and they told us to take her straight to Accident and Emergency and when we took her there they were very helpful in everything that they did.

“They examined her and they realized that she couldn’t move her right arm like how she’s supposed to and when she walked, she was dragging her right foot.”

Rolle said it was difficult to leave her daughter in the hospital. She said although her daughter remains in the Intensive Care Unit (ICU), she is in good spirits.

Kenniyha is scheduled to undergo her first procedure today, according to her mother, in order to remove a sample of the tumor to have it sent to the U.S. for examination.

“Right now we’re just praying and hoping and having faith,” Rolle said.

“My family, we’re together and we’re just praying every day and hoping that Kenniyha just be okay and come back home. Just come home.”

The main focus now, they said, is to collect enough funds to ensure they can send their daughter to the U.S. in order for her to have the best possible chance of survival.

Donations can be made at Scotiabank, via account number 4006567.

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