Monday, Oct 14, 2019


On March 6, 2019, a post was published via our Facebook page that presented a photograph of Anthony Christie, then president of the Bahamas Electrical Utility Managerial Union (BEUMU), together with the headline for a totally separate story not involving Anthony Christie, but which read “Man on probation jailed after new drug arrest”, together with a link to that story on The Nassau Guardian’s website.

That post was taken down immediately once it was drawn to our attention, and those who clicked on the link and read the story on The Nassau Guardian’s website would have realized that the “Man on probation after new drug arrest” referred to Kevin Lightbourne, 25, of Malcolm Road. The juxtaposition of the photograph of Anthony Christie to that story in the Facebook post was an error.

The Nassau Guardian acknowledges that the juxtaposition of Anthony Christie’s photograph with the headline could have led some Facebook browsers to the mistaken conclusion that he had been arrested for a drugs charge while on probation, and subsequently jailed. He was not arrested for a drugs charge, he was not on probation and he was not jailed.

The juxtaposition of Anthony Christie’s photograph with the wrong headline and story link was the result of an error, for which The Nassau Guardian apologizes unreservedly to Anthony Christie.

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