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Brown Jr. set to fight in Mississippi

It was just over a month ago when Bahamian lightweight boxer Lester Brown Jr. finally got a fight under his belt after not fighting for two years. He won a unanimous decision over American Alvin Brown in that bout, and will be in action again tomorrow night, when he takes on another American, Quantae Mitchell, at the Trotter Convention Center in Columbus, Mississippi.

Brown said that he had a pretty smooth and injury-free training camp. He added that after his last fight in March, he went right back into training.

Brown sports a win-loss-draw record of 4-0-1, and Mitchell’s record is 1-5-0.

Mitchell is from Mississippi but Brown said he is not worried that will be fighting an opponent in the opponent’s hometown. Brown said he sees one thing, and that’s a knockout.

“I got tunnel vision of knocking Mitchell out so it wouldn’t have to go to the judges. I hope to knock him out in the first round but any round is fine with me as long as I knock him out,”  Brown said. He continued: “Mentally I feel pretty good, I’m ready to go over and steal the show with a great performance. The two years I went without fighting didn’t really affect me because I was training the whole time so I used that fight last month to go the distance and shake off whatever ring rust may be there, and now I’m more than ready for a knockout.”

The focussed fighter said Bahamians can expect to hear nothing but good news. “I’m going to represent the 242 and give it my best,” he said.

A confident Brown is looking to fight for a title some time in the near future.

“If all goes well I should be fighting for a significant title later on in the year, maybe around August or something after a few more wins,” he said.

Brown fights under former world boxing champion, Roy Jones Jr.’s banner. He said Jones’ camp has been a blessing for him.

“Fighting under the legendary Roy Jones banner is a blessing. There are not many people who get to meet him or get knowledge passed down from him. I feel pretty lucky to have him to be a part of the team,” he said.

Lenovo Construction is Brown’s sponsor and has helped him on this journey.

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