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Easter weekend traffic crackdown coming

The Royal Bahamas Police Force (RBPF) Traffic Division warned the public yesterday that they will be cracking down on all traffic violations during the Easter holiday weekend.

Chief Superintendent Craig Stubbs told reporters yesterday that the public can expect increased police presence throughout New Providence during the upcoming weekend.

“In more recent days we have witnessed a number of traffic accidents on the streets of New Providence,” Stubbs said at a press conference held at the Royal Bahamas Police Force Traffic Division.

“We are here to address some of the concerns of the motoring public and offer some road safety tips for the upcoming Easter holiday weekend.

“In the more recent days, we would have recorded three traffic fatalities and a number of serious accidents on the streets of New Providence and within our Family Islands.

“We can say that all of these accidents [were] a result of driver’s error, where drivers decided to make an illegal maneuver on the street, causing the accident.

“In the case of the accident on the West Bay Street corridors, we know we’ve recorded two serious accidents there in the past, one on Saturday and one on Sunday.

“It all comes back to drivers [being] distracted, not adhering to the rules and regulations that govern the streets of new providence.

“For this upcoming period, we’re going adopt a zero-tolerance approach to the many persons we see committing infractions against the Road Traffic Act.

“We know for this holiday period, where we see persons will be driving either from various parties or beach picnics and the consumption of alcohol is obvious.

“We will have officers in place at many of these locations.

“You’re going to see officers out in full force doing stop and search.

“…We are going to set the tone for this weekend.”

According to statistics released by Commissioner of Police Anthony Ferguson in January, 69 people died in traffic accidents in 2018; a 29 percent increase from 2017.

According to The Guardian’s records, there have been 22 traffic fatalities for the year so far.

Stubbs also indicated that the main cause of traffic accidents on the Family Islands is speed. He noted that the RBPF has acquired speed tracking devices which are now being used on various Family Islands.

Superintendent Mareno Hinds offered a response to a recent report released by the United States’ Overseas Security Advisory Council (OSAC), which states that police in The Bahamas can be slow in responding to vehicle accidents.

“We believe that our response time is consistent with times all across the Caribbean, and the world for that matter,” Hinds said.

Assistant Superintendent Paul Cash doubled down on the holiday warning saying, “The traffic department will be out in full force. We will be out in full effect.

“We will be carrying out the mandate that is placed upon us not only by this county but by the commissioner of police.

“We will be enforcing all laws and I put ‘all’ in caps. All infractions, we will be citing for.

“We will be from place to place.

“So, if you think you’re going to go out east and miss us, we’re going to be there.

“You’re going to go out west and think you’re going to miss us, we’re going to be there.

“Same thing for the north and the south; we are going to be there.”

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