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In defense of the PLP chairman

Dear Editor,

I respond to a letter to the editor which was published in The Nassau Guardian on Tuesday, April 16, 2019 entitled, “Mitchell’s disrespect for the police force”.

While everyone is entitled to their opinion, nobody has the right to change the facts.

Contrary to the assertion made by the letter writer, at no time have I ever seen or heard Chairman Fred Mitchell disrespect the police force. The leadership of the PLP, however, has repeatedly accused Marvin Dames of political interference in the operations and work of the police force.

His conduct as national security minister has hurt that public institution, driven down staff morale and has shaken public confidence in the ability of the police to discharge their duties fairly and impartially.

I point out that the heavy-handed response of the police to a complaint filed by a BAIC employee on election night was politically motivated and was a clear case of victor’s justice.

The numerous irregularities by both the minister and the police revealed during the Frank Smith case again point to the direct interference into the operations of the police at the political level.

So egregious was his ministerial misconduct that Dames was judicially condemned.

The PLP has repeatedly called for Dames to resign or be dismissed and I do so again in this missive.

The leadership of the PLP, including Mitchell, have repeatedly demonstrated great respect for and confidence in our law enforcement officers who put their lives on the line daily to keep us safe. Correspondingly, they have absolutely no confidence in Minister of National Security Marvin Dames or his boss, the prime minister, to allow these officers to work in neutrality, independent and free of constant political interference as it was intended by the constitution.

This is all a matter of public record.

In fact, since the chairman spoke, others have in fact said how they have no confidence in the ability of the police to investigate themselves, so let’s not get carried away with stupid, inflammatory, politically inspired headlines and stick with the facts. 

We stand 1,000 percent behind the chairman.

– Obie Roberts, PLP vice chair


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