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 Tomorrow is promised to no man

My brothers and sisters, we have the privilege of being able to once again commemorate the death and resurrection of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. As we reflect on the incredible sacrifice made in our stead, we recall the agony and ridicule that Jesus endured to fulfill the word and promises of God. In the history of the world, there has not been another act of selflessness that can be compared to Calvary. Our gratitude to God for this act of love should be boundless and ever present in our daily lives and actions.

As Christians, we should demonstrate the love of God to the world. Our job is to be the salt of the earth, and to, by example, remind humanity of God’s immense love for us in whatever state that we may find ourselves. We must share the gospel with those who need it and share the love of God with every one with whom we come into contact. Jesus willingly suffered publicly for us, therefore, we should not be afraid or ashamed to let the world know that we believe in him and his promises and that they should do the same. There is no better place to begin this great work than right in our own homes.

As a nation, we can proudly claim that we are a people that follow Christ and the teachings of the Bible. We must admit, however, that in recent times we have not shown each other the love and patience that the Lord has shown to us. We have in some instances become a people that have little to no regard for our country, our neighbor, our family members, or ourselves. We have seemingly lost hope and faith in the ability for God to bring us through whatever we may encounter and have relied more on man and their abilities, leading to our corruption.

In our little country, we are losing too many of our young people – predominantly men, to murder and lengthy prison sentences. We use social media to portray the worst of ourselves to the world while those who deserve our attention for their positive endeavors cannot seem to get it. We live in silos of class and social status not knowing or caring about what is happening to those outside of our chosen groupings. We must be reminded that we serve one God, who made us one people and has blessed us to be Bahamians. Whether we choose to acknowledge it or not, we are all in this together as Bahamians.

The commemoration of Christ’s death and resurrection is an opportune time for us to recommit ourselves to fighting to save the family, to loving our neighbor, to raising God-fearing children and to aspiring for excellence in everything that we do. We cannot be the generation that disappoints God by not doing whatever is within our power to ensure that all Bahamians reach their highest potential and that our country is sustainably developed for their benefit. We must as the church, be on one accord to fulfill God’s mandate no matter what denomination or size. The ultimate goal is to win souls to the knowledge and love of Jesus Christ.

I sincerely hope that in years to come we can look back on the Easter season of 2019 as a pivotal turning point in our lives. Tomorrow is promised to no man, and we should seize every opportunity we can to become better. Our God is and has always been faithful. We must show our love and faith in him by doing that which he has called us to do.

On behalf of the Bahamas Christian Council and the wider Christian community, I wish you an enjoyable and safe Easter celebration and encourage all of you to attend the church of your choice.

• Bishop Delton Fernander is the president of the Bahamas Christian Council.

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