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Restview Memorial to cremate hit-and-run victim for free

Two months after she was killed in a hit-and-run, Dianne Morgan will finally rest in peace thanks, in large part, to Restview Memorial Mortuary & Crematorium.

“Our mom is being finally released today. It’s been a blessing to be honest,” her daughter, Andelyse Deal, told The Nassau Guardian last Wednesday.

She added, “I just feel like a load has really been lifted off my shoulders.

“I feel lighter today.

“To hear that our mother has been finally released, it’s been almost two months now, and that is wonderful news to me and my brother and sister to hear that our mother is finally out of the morgue.”

When news circulated that Morgan’s children were asking for donations to help bury or cremate their mother, numerous offers poured in to assist.

Her family chose to take up Restview’s offer, as the company said it would cremate Morgan and host a memorial service free of charge.

However, nearly a month after the funeral home first made contact with the family, Morgan’s body was still in the morgue, as they faced issues in obtaining her identification documents.

Her body was finally moved last Wednesday.

The decision to help Morgan’s family was an easy one, said Restview Memorial Mortuary & Crematorium Funeral Director and Public Relations Director Damien Fox.

“We saw the newspaper and saw Mr. Cecil Roberts reaching out to the public asking them for help for assisting with his mom, that his mom was struck by a moving a vehicle, and with him being young and in school, and the sister working on the island of Eleuthera in the 52 weeks program,” he said.

“So the owners, Mr. Keith McSweeney and the entire management and staff of Restview, decided to reach out to help and assist the family in this tragic accident.”

He added, “It’s basically a contribution back to the community.

“Her son and the daughters, we are just trying to help them and assist them the best we can.” 

However, Fox said the process was a complicated and lengthy one.

“The process was not easy to assist in trying to obtain her remains to get it to the funeral home,” he said.

“What happened was she didn’t have the proper IDs that the morgue required and medical records required.

“So we had to work with the coroners, with the NIB card that she had and some other documents.

“We reached out to the Consulate of Jamaica, as she is a Jamaican and was born in Jamaica. So we reached out to them to try our best.

“It was not successful so Coroner Weech-Gomez decided to release the body with the help of Ms. Antoinette Bowe at medical records.”

He added, “…[As of] this morning we have her.”

Fox said he is now waiting for the family to confirm a date for the memorial service.

“We will do a viewing and host the memorial service right at Restview Mortuary inside one of the suites, and we are doing it for free,” he said. 

Deal said the past two months have been challenging, but she does not know what she would have done without the help of Fox.

“It has been nerve-wracking,” she said.

“The whole process had us all frustrated. We didn’t know which way to turn.”

She added, “Honestly, Restview was a blessing in disguise because we would have never made it this far without them.

“They are a big help to us right now.”

Last month, Morgan was one of two people hit by a Nissan Cube on Sea Link Drive off East Street South.

Police reported that she had severe head trauma and was pronounced dead on the scene.

The vehicle was later found abandoned and police were able to track down the driver, Shawna Smith.

Smith was later fined $11,000 for killing in the course of dangerous driving.

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