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Relatives left in shock after loved one’s murder

The family of a man killed on Monday remembered him as a kind and humble person who was dependable.

Police said a man was shot and killed in the Chippingham area shortly after midnight on Monday. Relatives identified the man as Bryan Smith, 34.

His aunt, Sylvia Smith, said she still hasn’t accepted that her nephew is gone.

“Bryan is my all-in-all, and although [he’s] there lying down in the morgue, I still don’t feel like he’s dead,” Smith said yesterday.

“Just like looking at you, Bryan is just standing in the front of me.”

She continued, trying to contain her sobs, “I normally live on the Family Island, but Bryan is my heart.

“I’m going to miss Bryan. I still can’t believe Bryan’s dead.

“Anybody else you could understand, but not Bryan.

“Not Bryan.”

Smith said her nephew was dependable and would have done anything for her.

“Bryan is the type of person, he’ll make you laugh, and he’ll do things sometimes; I could call Bryan anytime.

“Though I [live] on the island I could say, ‘Bryan, I need you to do something for me.’ And he would say, ‘What is it auntie? What you want me do?’”

She added, “It’s really hard to say goodbye to you Bryan, but I will miss you plenty.”

A resident of Foster Street, Bryan Smith had four daughters, his aunt said.

His cousin said that his youngest daughter, who is only three-years-old, was the most attached to him.

The last one, when they told her, she was a daddy’s girl, so I know she will be the one to take it the hardest when she don’t see her daddy,” Lashandell Smith said.

“He has a younger brother and because he didn’t have any blood sisters he was really close with his cousins, the girls especially,” she said.

“He was very protective of us.

“Not one day go by and he didn’t talk to us.”

She added, “I’m still lost for words. I just talked to him 45 minutes before I got the news that he had passed. This is so unreal.”

Smith said she did not understand why her cousin was murdered.

“He was humble,” she said.

“He don’t bother nobody, so that’s why we don’t understand this.

“He don’t bother nobody.”

She added, “The only thing I could see is him smiling his sly crooked smile.

“That’s all, a happy person. That’s all I could see.

I can’t believe it, not him.”

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