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Bahamas Harvest Church delivers the truth

The truth was brought to the stage over the Easter weekend, as the membership at Bahamas Harvest Church (BHC) were reminded that no matter what happens in life, to not doubt God, hold on to his Word, go to him in prayer, and to believe.

“We hope people see how the devil tries to distract us from the power of the Holy Spirit,” said

Keron Wood, a member of the marketing team at BHC.

The two-part production “The Truth” took place in two parts – on Good Friday and on Easter Sunday – addressing Christ’s crucifixion and resurrection, but modernized to appeal across generations. And centered around how the devil lies to believers by any means necessary to try to get people to sin and doubt God, so that they can remain in their personal hell.

People taking in the production were reminded that Jesus is the way, the truth and the life, and that if God can conquer death, he can resurrect any situation a person is going through and that all you have to do is repent, accept him into their heart and let him lead the way.

In part one on Good Friday, the Crucifixion was addressed, and the devil thinking he had succeeded as Jesus was crucified, which led to him having a conversation and making his plans as they depicted various sins – greed, egoism, pride, lust.

But what the devil did not know was that Jesus would rise again on the third day – Sunday.

In part two on Easter Sunday, the production opened to an empty tomb and an angel and followers of Jesus going about the town proclaiming Jesus was alive and that he was risen.

The play also delved into depicting how the devil tries to destroy families through illnesses, and substance abuse, but once Jesus came into the picture, the people who were ill became healed, and families that were broken became mended.

Coming off the successful production, Wood said it is their hope that people are reminded that no matter what happens in life to not doubt God, but to hold on to his Word.

He said people may question him as to why he may be letting things happen to them, but no matter what, he said they should go to him in prayer and believe.

“We hope people see how the devil tries to distract us from the power of the Holy Spirit,” Wood said of the production.

“The Truth” was BHC’s second production on this scale, the first was their “Christmas Story” production at Arawak Cay at Christmas.

“The Truth” was written by Inderia Green and directed by Michaella Forbes with the production led by Ricardo Saunders. All of the actors that took to the stage were from the Bahamas Harvest Drama Team.

“It was a proud moment to see that we have that talent sitting in our church,” said Wood. “That production could be on any big screen and touch people. The actors felt every word they said. Words can’t describe it.”

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