Wednesday, Jul 15, 2020
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Dean resigns as Guardian GM and editor

The Nassau Guardian has announced that Brent Dean has resigned as its editor and general manager. The resignation takes effect in August.

Dean joined The Nassau Guardian in January 2009 as a staff reporter. Five years later, after several promotions, he was appointed general manager and editor.

“The decision to depart is mine and mine alone. Over the past decade I had the pleasure of being part of the group that transitioned The Nassau Guardian from its newspaper roots to being the most vibrant multi-media company in the country. I enjoyed every day of my time at the company,” Dean said yesterday.

“I enjoyed working with our owners, managers and staff. I would like to thank our owners for all the opportunities afforded me the past decade. I’d like to thank the team members at The Nassau Guardian for all their hard work and dedication.

“As general manager the past five years, I could count on my colleagues to do their best to produce high-quality news, information and products for a Bahamian public that counts on us to be informed.”

Dean began his media career at The Tribune in January 2007. He had a brief stint at Jones Communications before joining The Nassau Guardian.

“I’m honored to have spent these years at the oldest media company in the country,” said Dean.

“In this era of so much fake news and misinformation it is even more important than ever for Bahamians to seek out accurate and sensible news from reliable sources such as The Nassau Guardian.

“I worked hard these 10 years in various capacities to help make The Nassau Guardian brand as strong as possible. In my departure I fully believe that our team produces the best in news in the country and will continue doing so going forward.”

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