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Harbour Island residents express support for 4M project

HARBOUR ISLAND, Eleuthera – Many Harbour Island residents said they fully support the Briland Club Residences and Marina project, even as it is being opposed by a group they said is being driven by “special interests”.

Martin Grant, a local historian who is part of a number of civic organizations on the island, said Harbour Island residents were made abreast of the details of the development by its developer 4M Harbour Island Limited.

He claimed that the developers are being subjected to the spreading of misinformation.

“False information has been sent out,” claimed Grant, who thinks the project will revolutionize the hospitality product on the island, as well as create employment for many Harbour Island residents.

“We have kids coming out of school looking forward to being part of the hospitality field; this is the project for them.

“I am very pleased and extremely excited about a project of this magnitude coming to Harbour Island.”

Local businessman Eddie Major claimed that “special interests” are afraid the new development will create too much competition for them on the island.

“The problem they have is the marina’s infrastructure will be state-of-the-art,” he said.

“It’s all about competition and finance. They feel like the developer will cut into their bread and butter and they are afraid the wage pool will change on the island.”

Another Harbour Island resident, Harrison Cleare, said he is 100 percent for the project.

He said he was born and raised on Harbour Island and sees the project as a huge boost for the local economy.

He also thinks opposition to the project has everything to do with anticompetitive sentiment.

“People think they will block them out of a dollar and that’s why I feel they are against the project,” he said.

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