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Immigration Act amendment stalled in Senate

After debate on the Immigration (Amendment) Bill, 2019, was postponed in the Senate yesterday, Chairman of the Progressive Liberal Party (PLP) Fred Mitchell condemned the Minnis administration over its management of government business.

Senators debated the Companies (Amendment) Bill, 2019 and Securities Industry (Amendments) Bill, 2019.

Before the debate began, Mitchell asked Attorney General Carl Bethel whether the Immigration (Amendment) Bill, 2019, would also be debated.

Bethel replied, “No, I sent you a note [that] said we’re only dealing with the securities and companies bills today.”

    Mitchell responded, “I didn’t see it.”

Bethel indicated that the note was sent that morning.

The two bills were passed but the Senate was adjourned sine die – without assigning a day for further meeting.

In a statement on the matter, Mitchell said, “The FNM (Free National Movement) government is mixed up like conch salad.

“They don’t know how to manage government business.

“When the Senate last met they proffered and the PLP agreed to debate the bills to amend the Companies Act, the Securities Act and the Immigration Act.

“The PLP was ready and prepared to do that only to discover at the last minute that the FNM had no intention of debating the Immigration Act.

“What’s even worse, they have again adjourned the Senate without a date.

“They have no explanation for not proceeding with a bill they rushed through the House of Assembly.

“The PLP intends to offer several amendments to the bill when it is debated…”

The Immigration (Amendment) Bill, 2019 was passed in the House of Assembly last Thursday. The bill seeks to provide exemptions for work permits in the country.

Nineteen members voted in favor of the bill; Cat Island, Rum Cay and San Salvador MP Philip Brave Davis voted against it; Pineridge MP Frederick McAlpine abstained and 17 members were absent.

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