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AG defends decision to delay debate on Immigration Act amendment

Attorney General Carl Bethel said yesterday that debate on the Immigration (Amendment) Bill, 2019, was delayed in the Senate because there was more pressing legislation to deal with.

“We decide, the governing party decides, when it is prepared to say something,” Bethel said.

“[There were] all sorts of competing things that had to be done yesterday, all equally urgent.

“Plus, we wanted to get certain bills passed.

“Then I had to go and do a lot of things in order to make sure that they could be brought into force today for the purpose of us achieving our goals under the ease of doing business.

“I would not have been able to do those things today if I had been stuck in the Senate debating a third bill.

“Both of those bills, as I indicated in my contribution, are being relied upon by the government to submit to the World Bank ease of doing business [and] ranking people so that they would be able to agree that The Bahamas should again improve ranking in the ease of doing business index.

“That’s a strategic goal of the government.

“In order to do that, I had to leave the Senate.”

The bill was passed in the House of Assembly last Thursday. It seeks to provide exemptions for work permits in the country.

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