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Senior convicted in love triangle killing remanded pending sentencing 

A 64-year-old man convicted of the fatal stabbing of his former lover’s new boyfriend was yesterday remanded into custody, pending his sentencing on May 27.

Justice Renae McKay had permitted Don Brennen to remain on bail after a jury convicted him of manslaughter in February of the 2011 killing of Caribbean Gas manager Dwayne Jackson.

McKay ordered Brennen taken into custody after hearing submissions from the defense and prosecutor regarding the appropriate sentence.

For his part, defense lawyer Murrio Ducille called for a non-custodial sentence.

According to Ducille, McKay had the latitude in sentencing not to impose a prison term.

He recalled a local case where a woman who killed her husband had been placed on five years’ probation.

Ducille said that up to his conviction, Brennen had an unblemished record and many found the crime was uncharacteristic.

Ducille argued, “He should not be sent to prison if it can be avoided. He continues to be agonized; his life has not been the same since 2011.

On the other hand, Roger Thompson said Brennen deserved severe punishment given the circumstances under which Jackson lost his life.

On the evening of November 25, Christina Adderley and Jackson were leaving an apartment off Soldier Road when Brennen allegedly attacked Adderley.

Jackson came to her defense and that’s when Brennen, according to the prosecution’s case, stabbed Jackson in the back before turning him over and stabbing him in the chest.

Thompson said that one of the aims of sentencing was deterrence and he submitted that the court needed to send a message that “you cannot kill the person your ex-girlfriend or ex-boyfriend is dating”.

McKay will give her decision on May 27 at 2 p.m.

Artesia Davis

Senior Reporter at The Nassau Guardian
Artesia primarily covers court stories, but she also writes extensively about crime.
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