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Girlfriend of alleged victim ‘threw rock’ at accused rapist

The girlfriend of an alleged rape victim confronted the man accused of her sexual assault, a jury heard yesterday.

Marvin Moss, 46, of Fox Hill, told investigating officer Sergeant Maria Fynes that the girlfriend of his 16-year-old accuser threw a rock at him after blaming him for the alleged sexual assault on February 26, 2017.

Moss, who has been in custody since the allegation was made, worked as a security guard at the Ministry of Works.

He has denied the rape charge at his trial before Justice Guillimina Archer-Minns.

During his interview with Fynes, Moss denied having any sexual contact with the young woman, whom he had known for about five months.

Moss said that he would often pick up his accuser for the girlfriend who lived in his neighborhood.

On the date in question, both Moss and his accuser agreed that he collected her from her home and took her to her friend’s house.

But they had different accounts of what happened on the return trip home.

Moss’ accuser claims that he diverted and raped her in the back of Arawak Cay before he dropped her home.

Moss denied the allegation and said that he dropped her home without stopping at Arawak Cay.

Fynes said she visited Arawak Cay during her inquiries but was unable to find any surveillance footage.

During his interview, Moss gave a possible reason for the complaint. He said, “a friend of theirs in jail for me.”

However, he did not elaborate.

Moss’ attorney Sonia Timothy asked Fynes if there was any DNA connecting Moss to the alleged sexual assault.

Fynes said there was none up to the point when she was transferred to Freeport in September 2017.

The trial continues. Randolph Dames is the prosecutor.

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