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Hall: Carnival should be a private matter

Bishop Simeon Hall yesterday defended the stance of Bahamas Christian Council (BCC) President Bishop Delton Fernander on Bahamas Carnival.

“While I am one of those who support people’s right to express themselves as they wish, their rights must not infringe on the public’s rights,” Hall said in an interview with The Nassau Guardian.

“I think carnival should be a private matter.

“I think they should take that thing to somewhere where people have to charge to go in and persons make that kind of choice.

“But private personal choices should not eclipse public norms.

“So, the principle the Christian Council president is espousing, I think is right.

“How far do we go? How far do we go?

“People have a right to express themselves, yes, but how far does that go?”

In a statement released on Wednesday, Fernander said the “near naked bodies” of men and women who will engage in sexual contact with access to alcohol during the Bahamas Carnival Experience 2019 road march “has the potential to lead to sexual violence, rape and other violent confrontation”.

Fernander condemned the “open display of sexuality, nudity, open consumption of alcohol and indecency associated with this event”.

Bahamas Carnival Road Fever is set to take place on Saturday where various carnival bands march or “play mas” through the streets of New Providence. Members of various bands dress in scantily clad costumes and dance to soca music.

Asked about Fernander’s comments on carnival promoting sexual violence against women, Hall said he “unequivocally” supports Fernander’s principles.

“We [have] to draw the line somewhere man,” Hall said.

“Some things should be private and not public.”

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