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Man denies rape of teenage girl

A security guard on Thursday denied raping a teenage girl whom he claimed frequently hired him to drop her to her girlfriend.

Marvin Moss, 45, told the jury that in addition to working as a guard he operated an unlicensed taxi.

According to Moss, he had transported his 16-year-old accuser to her alleged lover’s home in Fox Hill about 20 times.

On January 26, 2017, Moss said that the young woman called him a little later than usual around 7 p.m.

While questioned by his lawyer, Sonia Timothy, Moss said that he was watching television when she told him that she was ready to go home a few hours later.

Moss said he stopped at a fast-food restaurant at the girl’s request and after she purchased her food from the drive-through window he realized he didn’t have his phone.

Moss said he went to retrieve his phone and saw that another fare was trying to reach him.

Moss said the person cancelled because it was too late.

Moss said that the teen’s phone rang for most of the drive, but she refused to answer it.

He said she seemed annoyed and said that her mother was trying to reach her. Moss denied having any sexual contact with his accuser and said that he made sure that she got inside safely.

He said he first learned of the rape allegation the following morning when he was assaulted by the teen’s girlfriend and another man.

Moss said he thought it was a joke, but the police later arrested him at the Ministry of Works.

In questioning by prosecutor Randolph Dames, Moss said the drive to the girl’s home took about 45 minutes.

The trial continues today.

Artesia Davis

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