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Govt to introduce technology to crackdown on reckless driving

The government is taking the spike in traffic fatalities “very seriously” and intends to introduce technology to crackdown on reckless driving, Minister of National Security Marvin Dames said.

There have been 22 traffic fatalities for the year.

When asked if there was any concern about the recent spike in traffic fatalities, Dames recently said, “As you can see that’s one of the commissioner of police’s six focuses as you look at his policing plan.

“…We have already taken steps to amend the traffic laws but we will continue to look at ways in which we could improve it.”

He added: “We’re also improving upon the police and providing them with the tools to be much more effective when dealing with traffic issues.”

Dames said the government intends to purchase speed guns.

He also said the government has been focusing on expanding CCTV and noted that the topic will be before Cabinet within two weeks.

“The attorney general and myself have been looking at breathalyzers and certainly it is my hope to make breathalyzers a reality this year,” Dames said.

“It’s on the books and we’re just now looking to see… that there is nothing that will prevent us from making this a reality.

“We will get police on board with this quickly. When you look at the statistics, oftentimes it’s young drivers who are speeding and, in many cases, either it’s someone who is intoxicated, not all the times, but in many occasions.”

Dames said he understands that the government has been tasked with ensuring road safety for drivers and pedestrians.

In its 2019 Crime and Safety Report, the United States’ Overseas Security Advisory Council (OSAC) said traffic accidents in The Bahamas are often due to drivers who are intolerant, reckless and sometimes “antagonistic”.

According to statistics released by the commissioner of police in January, there were 63 traffic accidents recorded in The Bahamas in 2018 that resulted in 69 deaths.


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