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Hanna-Martin: Minnis is the lousiest PM in history

Englerston MP Glenys Hanna-Martin yesterday lambasted Prime Minister Dr. Hubert Minnis as the “lousiest prime minister in Bahamian history”, claiming that he is “exposing his rank misogyny” in recent comments made about her.

Hanna-Martin’s comments come days after Minnis said the Englerston MP is “plenty talk and no action” and “spends all her time in the House [of Assembly] rowing morning, noon and night”.

In a statement, Hanna-Martin said, “…As a foot note, he should be careful exposing his rank misogyny. Women leaders don’t row, they speak for the people, which I will continue to do – morning, noon and night until my last breath.

“He will note that as he queries my political future, he must appreciate that I have been elected by the Bahamian people more times than he has.”

Speaking about the prime minister’s “attack” on her during his town hall meeting on Wednesday night, Hanna-Martin said, “This cannot be coming from the man who has in less than two years secured his position as lousiest prime minister in Bahamian history?”

She claims that Minnis “stands for nothing and will shamelessly say one thing and do the complete opposite”.

“The same man who says he hates VAT (value-added tax) but almost doubled it up on Bahamians?” Hanna-Martin asked.

While in opposition, Minnis was a staunch opponent of the implementation of VAT and vowed to repeal it once in government.

However, in May 2018, the Minnis administration increased VAT from 7.5 percent to 12 percent.

Following the increase, the prime minister professed that he would do what is necessary to save The Bahamas, and would rather lose the next general election than “lose a nation”.

Yesterday, Hanna-Martin described Minnis as the “awkward gymnast in the Parliament who has mastered the art of flip flopping”.

“Is this the dummy who was sitting blank-faced next to Oban’s [Peter] Krieger in the Cabinet Office and now the file has gone missing?” she asked.

“The man who prioritized eating stew fish before answering serious questions about matters resulting in the death of a young woman?

“The man who fell in love with the Haitian bananas?

“Is this the man who cried fake tears for Dominica but can’t hear the cries of the people of Ragged Island?

“The same man who has fake love for over-the-hill while he hands the entire country over to the wealthy oligarchs.”

On Wednesday, Minnis said that Hanna-Martin is “busy trying to get rid of [PLP Leader Philip] Brave Davis” and has been “a very, very poor representative” of Englerston.

Hanna-Martin replied, “This man cannot speak to the special relationship that is held between the people of Englerston and myself as their member of Parliament where the fruit of that relationship is manifested throughout the community.”

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