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Women should be able to express themselves without fear, Davis says

While noting that the Bahamas Christian Council (BCC) is “right” in its condemnation of Bahamas Carnival, Progressive Liberal Party (PLP) Leader Philip Brave Davis said yesterday that women should be able to participate in the parade “without fear of men not being able to control themselves”.

On Wednesday, the Christian Council expressed concern that the “near naked bodies” of men and women who will engage in sexual contact with access to alcohol during the Bahamas Carnival Experience 2019 road march “has the potential to lead to sexual violence, rape and other violent confrontation”.

But Davis told The Nassau Guardian, “Women ought to be able to express themselves without fear of men not being able to control themselves.

“I think each of us [has] the responsibility of ensuring that we conduct ourselves in a way that we don’t lead the other into a situation where things become uncontrollable and get out of hand. So we ought to all conduct ourselves, recognizing at the end of the day that we are all just humans.”

When asked about the council’s comments, Davis said the BCC was trying to bring light to “the temptation that may be posed” during the events.

“… The Christian Council is right to draw to our attention any issue that they deem erases the issue of morality and that is their function, that is their remit and I think we are not to take lightly their observations,” he said

He added: “This is really a clash between rights, the expression of those rights and the line that is drawn between that expression and the appetite and not just the appetite but the issue of morality.”

Bahamas Carnival Band Owners Association President Rafel Dean has refuted the council’s claims, asserting that there is no statistical data to support them.

Bahamas Carnival Road Fever is set to take place today. Various carnival bands will march or “play mas” through the streets of New Providence.

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