Thursday, Oct 24, 2019
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Cartwright receives a B+

Dear Editor,

I certainly hope that you are doing exceedingly well.

Please permit me some of your valuable space in your prestigious newspaper to speak about the great work and exemplary leadership that our MP, Shanendon Cartwright, is doing in our constituency in particular and the wider Bahamas generally.

I have been a keen political observer for more than four decades and I take special note of the grades that are being given out to various members of Parliament. I find most of them very hilarious and so now I would like to give my member of Parliament for the great constituency of St. Barnabas a B+ grade for the work that he has done as our MP, and also his role as executive chairman of the Bahamas Public Parks and Public Beaches Authority.

I can say without any fear of successful contradiction that Cartwright stands out like a beacon for his yeoman’s job. He is a hands-on chairman, who oversees the clean-up of the public beaches and parks, with a single eye and dedicated commitment.

He is very visible in the constituency and is always available to answer the concerns of the varied members of St. Barnabas.

Finally, without sounding too boastful, I firmly believe that he has the potential to be a prime minister of The Bahamas as long as he stays on the right path.

– Mr. J. Rolle, FNM supporter

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