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Christie administration invited the Roman god Bacchus to The Bahamas

Dear Editor,

“Cry aloud and spare not, lift up your voice like a trumpet, and show my people their transgression and the house of Israel their sin,” says Isaiah 58:1.

The Bahamas Christian Council should not relent in its opposition to the vulgar and debauched Junkanoo Carnival festival, even in the face of the uninformed criticisms by the Bahamas Carnival Band Owners Association. The church is mandated by God to be the moral conscience of society. We must fight the good fight of faith in order to stem the rising tide of human secularism and relativism in The Bahamas.

When the previous Christie administration introduced Junkanoo Carnival to this country in 2015, they also brought along with it the Roman god Bacchus. The New Testament book of 1 Corinthians 10:20 says that behind every idol is a demonic entity.

Bacchus was the god of agriculture, wine and fertility in the Roman pantheon of gods, which included Mars, Jupiter, Neptune and Venus, to name a few. Worshippers of Bacchus were called Bacchanals, who enjoyed drunken and sexual revelry during their Bacchanalia festivals.

Like modern-day Junkanoo Carnival participants, Bacchanals were scantily clad. In other instances, many participants were butt naked and engaged in sex orgies. A close examination of the etymology of Bacchanal would show that it is a subtle reference to the compound word of back-anal.

In 2016 the Christie administration hired Trinidadian soca star Destra Garcia to perform at that year’s Junkanoo Carnival festival in Nassau. Two years prior to that, Destra released an album titled The Queen of Bacchanal. Destra is also considered by Caribbean musicologists to be the queen of Bacchanal. Whatever her motives are, Destra apparently understands the historical roots between Carnival and Bacchanal.

Junkanoo Carnival should be discontinued ASAP. Tax dollars should have never been used to facilitate this ungodly festival.

Junkanoo Carnival poses a clear and present danger to the moral underpinnings of The Bahamas. Junkanoo Carnival is degrading to women and will undermine the Free National Movement’s ambitious plan on eliminating AIDS by 2030. The time has come for the Minnis administration to show Bacchus the door.

– Kevin Evans

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