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Long-serving stalwart Goldsmith advocates sports accountability

Last week, in this space, one of my columns focused on compliance by those federations that receive annual grants from the Government of The Bahamas, through the Ministry of Youth, Sports and Culture.

The point was also made about the slackness of the Subvention Program, in that, through the years, some of the athletes receiving financial support from the government were not active for lengthy periods of time, and in other cases, were delivering sub-par performances for long stretches.

I expressed that those areas ought to be closely monitored by the sports ministry. There was the suggestion also that the federations, which have significant verification responsibilities related to their respective grants, and the athletes they have endorsed for the Subvention Program, should be held accountable.

A long-time contributor to sports development in The Bahamas, Terry Goldsmith, has responded in full support and is now calling out as well for sports accountability across the board. He has expressed a willingness also, to hold the hand of Minister of Youth, Sports and Culture Lanisha Rolle.

“I am sure the Minister Lanisha Rolle would be very appreciative of constructive input from those dedicated persons in the sports federations and other knowledgeable persons who gladly volunteer their time efforts and expertise to the citizens of The Bahamas, young and old,” he said.

Goldsmith, who came to The Bahamas many decades ago, by way of England, has been a dedicated mentor and educator. His sports forte is boxing, having been an amateur standout of note in the United Kingdom. However, his general support for the entire national sports fraternity has always been evident.

“Conditions and obligations regarding grants must, as indicated by the Sports Scope column, be strictly adhered to and indeed demanded and imposed more rigidly by the powers that be. This factor has, sadly, not been the case in the past when such organizations requested and received financial support,” said Goldsmith. “I personally am aware of a number of sporting organizations that leave much to be desired when it comes to their financial affairs and their accountability of the annual sports grants and donations. One particular organization was reported not to have had any kind of formal independent professional audit in 10 years despite the fact that its constitution called for it (an audit) to be conducted annually and subsequently presented to the membership and the public. This is totally unacceptable in every way. The [sports] ministry must impose conditions and enforce them, without any form of favor,” he emphasized.

Goldsmith feels strongly, as I do, that business as usual with the aforementioned financial sports matters must be done away with.

It appears that at long last, there is a sports minister in place with the resolve to stand up strong against the ministry insiders who cling to the status quo, and the leaders of federations who have become accustomed to, and now prefer, the slackness and culture of no insistence by the system for them to be accountable.

I no longer feel like a sports voice crying out in the wilderness.

One Terrence Goldsmith, the iconic Grand Bahama resident, has come forward and is prepared to stand up for sports righteousness.

Go Terry!

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