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Sands: PMH bed shortage fix is $3 mil. to $5 mil.

Health Minister Dr. Duane Sands said recently that solving the shortage of bed space at Princess Margaret Hospital (PHM) will cost between $3 million to $5 million.

In a recent interview with The Nassau Guardian, Sands was asked about the potential cost of solving the longstanding issue of bed space at PMH.

He said, “Well certainly a few million dollars just for the construction.

“Then you also have the issue of staff and that becomes an issue which isn’t only about money because you don’t have an elastic supply of registered nurses and other health professionals.

“It’s not just how much but how long.”

Asked about the figure without considering staff salary, Sands said, “Probably $3 million to $5 million dollars.”

Despite a 25-bed donation by the Princess Margaret Hospital Foundation back in March, Public Hospitals Authority Deputy Managing Director Lyrone Burrows said that PMH is “200 beds short in terms of capacity”.

Burrows said the plan in the interim was to ensure patients aren’t staying longer than they need to.

Sands added that the hospital is currently undergoing additional renovations.

“The renovations continue,” Sands said.

“So, we have ongoing work on the male surgical ward.

“Like I said, we started clearing out the Children’s Ward and cleaning it up in preparation for work to start and we will start to work on the Children’s Ward.

“The big question is whether you finish it with Formica or whether you go with granite.

“I’m being metaphorical now.

“What we’re able to do will depend on what resources are available, but the basic needs are that you come up with a facility that is liveable and usable.”

Additionally, Sands said the hospital is facing issues that are almost as urgent as the bed space shortage.

“Bear in mind we are in the process of starting a renovation of the Blood Bank,” Sands said.

“We find ourselves in a situation where we have to redo the Dialysis Unit and that is anticipated to be about $2 million.

“The issue of bed space can’t be taken in isolation.

“You have other infrastructural challenges that, when viewed alone, can be considered to be almost as significant as the bed space challenge.”


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