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The hypocrisy of Glenys Hanna-Martin

Dear Editor,

I saw Englerston MP Glenys Hanna-Martin talking about misogyny the other day. What a hypocrite. She went along with the PLP in pushing the Bahamian people to vote against equality for women in a referendum called by the then FNM government.

The PLP campaigned against the referendum in order to win an election. Because they poisoned the well, many women are now denied equal rights for a long time. This is now a part of the permanent legacy of Hanna-Martin.

When former Blue Hills MP Leslie Miller talked and joked about beating women, Hanna-Martin said nothing publicly. Why didn’t she openly condemn his vicious statement about a very serious issue in our country?

Now she fixes her mouth to talk about misogyny. But at the time she did not defend her Bahamian sisters.

As the MP for Englerston for nearly 20 years her constituency has remained in poor condition. With his Over-the-Hill initiative Prime Minister Dr. Hubert Minnis will do more in five years for the people in those communities, including Englerston, than Hanna-Martin has done in her 17 years in the House of Assembly, including 10 years as a Cabinet minister.

She likes to pretend that she is a progressive person. There is nothing progressive about her support of a PLP that still uses poor people just to get elected. Many progressive people long ago stopped thinking of her as someone committed to the equality of women, to the poor and other progressive causes.

She must have forgotten the misogyny of the PLP that led to her defeat as chairman of her party.

Many Bahamians agree with Minnis that Hanna-Martin is mostly talk and very little substance and action. Why didn’t she openly condemn any corruption in the PLP during her time in government? She just kept quiet.

She spent many years in the Cabinet of Perry Gladstone Christie, the worst prime minister in Bahamian history. This is also a part of her weak record and legacy in government.

– Proud Bahamian

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