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CrossFit champ in quest for fittest man on earth title

Fitness instructor David Morley went from what he terms typical gym workouts – the bodybuilding style workouts encompassing the typical machine workouts three years ago to a CrossFit style of training, and now he’s earned the title of the strongest man in the country and gearing up to represent The Bahamas at the World CrossFit Games. He’s also encompassed the CrossFit style of training into his workouts with clients, because he says CrossFit is all about functional fitness.

CrossFit is a high-intensity fitness program that incorporates elements from several sports and types of exercises.

“I started CrossFit because I am passionate about the functionality of it. It goes beyond exercising for vanity purposes. CrossFit helps you move properly, be more functional in everyday life, and prepares your body to be in its best state, even in old age,” said Morley.

“I like the fact that it’s functional fitness. It prepares you to do real world activities. Instead of doing machine chest presses or leg presses, we do lots of push-ups, lots of farmer’s carries, lots of squats, lots of running – and exercises that mimic real world real stuff… reaching for stuff out of the cupboard, picking things up off the floor.”

Incorporating the CrossFit style of training into his own routine, he said he noticed he became more flexible and more mobile. He said he also improved his cardiovascular conditioning and improved his overall strength and physical readiness.

CrossFit training has made him more disciplined and mentally stronger in all areas of his life.

“I have learned to work under pressure, push my limits and create comfort in uncomfortable situations. I want to share this feeling I have experienced with Bahamians in order to bring a healthier lifestyle to The Bahamas, and help the CrossFit community grow, as I see how beneficial this exercise can be.”

Prior to beginning his CrossFit training workouts, Morley was already fit, at less than 10 percent body fat. He said CrossFit has helped him maintain proper body fat weight percentage.

“In CrossFit you have more space to move around, be mobile and do functional exercises with more free weights like barbells and dumbbells. You have more complete muscle development. There are no isolation exercises, all are functional, compound movements. Overall, I’m more stronger,” he said.

Morley’s incorporated the CrossFit style of training into his workouts with his clients. He doesn’t necessarily have his clients begin CrossFit workouts with heavy weights, opting instead to have them engage in cardiovascular exercises – running, skipping and jumping; and doing strength work with body weights, squats, push-ups, pull-ups to create a strong foundation using their body weight before they move on to weights.

“My personal training style has always been more functional. I use more barbells and dumbbells with clients. Lots of bodywork – movements that get you ready for real world activities, so not just sitting on a machine and standing on a treadmill, so you’re making yourself stronger. For moms it makes them stronger to carry their babies; for people who work physically intensive jobs it strengthens them; for people who sit at the desk it supplements their lifestyles and corrects postural deficits.”

The trainer does not negate the regular gym experience, because he says he continues to work out in a regular gym if he has to.

“Overall, it’s all the same, it’s all fitness – getting yourself in a good shape and staying in the best shape possible. The fitness journey is like any other, it’s all the same destination, but all trying to get to the same place, and that’s to be physically and mentally healthy.”

The CrossFit routine is one he wants to bring to as many people as possible.

“I want to share this feeling I have experienced with Bahamians in order to bring a healthier lifestyle to The Bahamas, and help the Cross Fit community grow, as I see how beneficial this exercise can be.”

As he gears up to compete at the World CrossFit Games, Morley says his training can take anywhere from two to four hours a day and involves all different aspects of fitness. He does a lot of bodyweight movements, heavyweight lifts, cardio training including biking and running, and the more functional stuff like carrying stuff around and moving heavyweights around.

He splits his workouts throughout the day. One session could be all bodywork stuff, another cardiovascular, another can entail a four-mile run, and another can entail him doing deadlifts, or lifting bags.

Morley is gearing up to compete at the Games, July29-August 4 in Madison, Wisconsin, for the title of fittest on earth against approximately 200 champions from around the world, having earned the right over 19 other male competitors when he won the Bahamas CrossFit title in February.

Morley is looking to the Bahamian community to support him in his endeavor to compete at the Games. The top male and female from every country with a CrossFit affiliate receives an invitation to participate in the games. And is looking to raise approximately $15,000 in sponsorship funds to ensure that he can compete successfully. He has put together a sponsorship package for anyone wanting to assist him in his endeavor to try to compete successfully for the fittest man title. Morley can be reached at 433-7874 or

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