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Entrepreneur notes overwhelming response to Bahamas Carnival Cruise

Entrepreneur Stephan Rolle, who formed the company Blue Monkey Bahamas and began the Bahamas Carnival Cruise, yesterday touted the success of Bahamas Carnival and the continued growth of his brand.

Rolle said his company saw a 100 percent increase in the number of cruise passengers who sailed aboard the Carnival Victory to experience Bahamas Carnival, numbering almost 400. He said the response was so overwhelming, many people said they plan to return with more of their friends.

“The cruise has turned into more of a family, and as it grows more and more people become aware of the brand and The Bahamas’ carnival just by word of mouth,” Rolle said.

“There are several big Caribbean events close to Bahamas Carnival’s date, but to see so many people interested in coming to The Bahamas provides real hope for the product.”

According to Rolle, many of his cruise guests lauded the “vibes” of the carnival bands and enjoyed the parade route which passes by Saunders Beach, one of the highlight spots of the route.

Rolle said in order to make the cruise experience even more enjoyable for his guests, he brought soca artist Motto aboard to perform at Blue Monkey’s final party aboard the ship on Sunday. He said the opening party on Friday night is always a big hit as well.

“After costume distribution aboard the ship, we familiarize everyone with each other at a big party on Friday night,” he said.

“When they get on the road they look for each other and become friends for life in some cases. We have had groups come back four years in a row, many of whom met in the first year. It’s now a big family.”

Rolle said he hopes to continue to grow the product as Bahamas Carnival gets bigger and more popular on the annual, global carnival calendar.

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