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Hanna-Martin’s thinking flawed

Dear Editor,

It was interesting reading Progressive Liberal Party (PLP) MP Glenys Hanna-Martin’s biting remarks about Prime Minister Dr. Hubert Minnis being a misogynist. I consider Hanna-Martin to be a very fortunate PLP representative, owing to her being placed in the safest PLP area in New Providence in 2002 following Philip C. Galanis stepping down from frontline politics.

Whether she will admit it or not, the overwhelming majority of Bahamians living in her area are on the bottom rung of the economic ladder, yet are rabidly devoted to the PLP. Hanna-Martin doesn’t have to do much in her area, which is in the same impoverished condition when she was gifted it by Perry Christie 17 odd years ago.

The daughter of the legendary A.D. Hanna, the party seems to have been determined to establish a dynastic system, in which the progeny of Pindling, Hanna, Maynard and others would enter politics in order to carry on the mantle.

By making an inflammatory and sensational accusation, Hanna-Martin is apparently looking to grab headlines in order to appear relevant. Minnis has played right into her hands on this regard. Having said that, I don’t think her accusation was not well thought out.

Hanna-Martin had, in my opinion, committed the non sequitur fallacy by labeling Minnis’ comments as misogynistic. By labelling Minnis as a lousy prime minister, should we automatically assume that she is misandristic? Accordingly, the words gynecologist and misogynist don’t make much sense in the same sentence, much like saying, “John Doe is a very good father, albeit a deadbeat one.”

Why would a misogynist take up a profession that caters exclusively with women, the objects of his hatred? And would this misogynist be married to a woman? Hanna-Martin’s argument is similar to someone saying that the late violently racist Birmingham Commissioner Bull Connor had taken up a professorship for African American history at Mary Bethune University or at Tuskegee University. Her accusation is grossly and fundamentally flawed.

– Kevin Evans

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