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Mother loses second son to murder

Four months after losing her 19-year-old son, Rosalie Bain has found herself grappling with the loss of another child.

Barron Roberts, 29, was shot and killed shortly after midnight on May 4 on Hospital Lane.

“They said he got shot, saying head shot, the same way TJ died,” Bain said.

“They ain’t even give me chance to heal from the first one.”

Bain lost her youngest son, Terrance Rolle Jr., on New Year’s Day. Police said Rolle was shot and killed on Market Street in the vicinity of C.R. Walker Senior High School shortly after 11 a.m.

Bain said one of Roberts’ friends told her on Saturday that her son had been shot in his head.

“Man, I was stunned,” she told The Nassau Guardian.

“I couldn’t believe it. One of his friends came and tell me that he got something to tell me.

“When he told me it was him I said, ‘No, boy.’

“He said, ‘Yeah, boy. Barron just got shot.’

“I said, ‘Where?’ He said, ‘Hospital Lane.’

“I run from here straight [to] Hospital Lane. Man, I don’t know. I can’t even describe how I feel.”

Bain said she did not expect to lose another son so soon.

“Nobody expected it,” Bain said. “Me and him was talking before I went to the wash house and just as I reach from the wash house I [got] that bad news. How will any mother feel?”

Bain, a mother of four, said her son “was a quiet person” who never bothered anyone and never got in trouble.

“He had friends like anybody else but [he] never was in no mix up,” she said.

Bain said Roberts would’ve celebrated his 30th birthday in two weeks.

She said the prayers from her friends and family are the only things getting her through the loss of another child.

“Man, only through God and the prayers of my friends and loved ones can I pull through,” Bain said.

“It’s rough but there’s nothing I can do. All I can say to the public out there is I don’t know how I will bury my son.

“I need all the help in the world right now to help bury my child because I just buried a first one [and] now this one again. It’s rough. It’s very hard.”

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