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Eagles/Wheelers mourn passing of ‘Chuckie’ Smith

The Budweiser Eagles/Scotiabank Wheelers organization is offering condolences to the family and friends of former player Charles “Chuckie” Leverity Smith who passed away at the end of April. The homegoing service of Smith will be held this Saturday at 10 a.m. at Life Changers Ministries International on Bacardi Road.


It is with grieving hearts and a keen sense of kinship that the Budweiser Eagles/Scotiabank Wheelers organization extends condolences to the loved ones of Charles “Chuckie” Leverity Smith. We unite with the softball community in mourning his passing.

“Chuckie” Smith joining our softball family was an odd union, at first: he was feisty, boisterous and an incessant talker which was unnatural to the quiet, calm demeanor, all-businesslike approach on the field and the just-get-the-job-done mentality of our club. Many questioned the decision to bring him on board at the time, no issue with his physical capabilities; our management team led by Philip “Sparrow” Saunders was on the proverbial hot seat. In the end, all meshed to produce more championships, and moreover, the establishment of a lifelong bond of friendship and cordiality among us all.

“Chuckie” Smith was an incredible softball player to say the least. Unquestionably, his name will be mentioned among the better infielders who have graced softball in this country over time. It is believed that no one will have any difficulty with his abilities at bat or play on the field. The softball diamond was his home, with him venturing into baseball from time to time, whereby he was a good player in that realm also. It is safe to say that Smith participated on the field without fear, exhibited an indomitable spirit and was as aggressive and intimidating on the diamond as any player that comes to mind. His knowledge and aptitude of the game of softball was simply remarkable, something he had no reservations in sharing. His spirit lives on.

In a nutshell, “Chuckie” Smith was an outgoing individual, often the center and the life of the party. He held very strong opinions; being stubborn almost to a fault. Nevertheless, his tremendous ability to recall and to cite past incidents in great detail was a gift that was greatly admired.

Our Budweiser Eagles/Scotiabank Wheelers teammate proved the naysayers wrong, not only becoming one of the dynamic leaders and successful lead-off hitters in our championship line-ups, but gaining national softball team prominence as a stapled player.

Rest on Charles “Chuckie” Leverity Smith, our beloved third baseman; an Eagle has landed. May your soul join teammates and others who predeceased you.

 The Eagles/Wheelers offer respect to his wife, Gwendolyn Smith; mother, Elva Smith; sons, Kevin and Jermaine Davis, Valentino Moss and Edwin Knowles; daughters, Chakeria and Charlea Smith and Valencia Moss; sister, Golean Smith; brother, Ralph Smith; and other relatives, friends and softballers.


– Sharon “The General” Storr,

Chairman of the Budweiser Eagles/Scotiabank Wheelers Softball Alumni.

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