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Marjorie Davis receives Catholic honor

Pope Francis has bestowed the Pontifical Equestrian Order of Saint Sylvester on retired educator and Catholic Marjorie Davis, according to a communication out of the office of Catholic Archbishop Patrick Pinder.

Davis, who worships at St. Francis Xavier Cathedral, has received the Order of Saint Sylvester which recognizes Catholic men and women who have been outstanding in the faith and in their profession.

The date for Davis’ investiture has yet to be announced. The Order may be presented simply by the receipt of the diploma, or there may be a simple or formal investiture. This is at the discretion of the nominating bishop. Only rarely are ceremonies conducted in the Vatican, and usually this is for major public figures, heads of state, or other diplomatic officials.

According to the release, Davis has given of her time, talent and treasure, serving in both Catholic and civic organizations. She has been described as an exemplary Catholic and outstanding Bahamian.

The Order of Saint Sylvester is one of five Orders of Knighthood awarded directly by the Pope as supreme pontiff and head of the Catholic Church.

Awards of the Order or Saint Sylvester are typically made on the recommendation of diocesan bishops, archbishops or nuncios for special merit or service.

The award also usually requires the payment of a nominal “tax” to cover expenses concerned and support the work of the church. It may be paid by the recipient or by someone else on their behalf.

The members have no privileges beyond that of wearing a decoration which consists of a gold enameled Maltese cross with the image of St. Sylvester on one side and on the other the inscription: “1841 Gregorius IVI restituit.”

Sometimes non-Catholics receive the honor.

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