Friday, May 29, 2020
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Martial artists take part in international competition

The New Providence Martial Arts and Fitness Centre, under the Association of the Japan Karate Do Ryobu-Kai International Association, hosted an elite training camp from April 25-28 and closed out the weekend of events with an international tournament.

The tournament, which was held in memory of Brenton Hector Smith, who tragically lost his life in a shooting 10 years ago, catered to over 100 athletes from ages four to 50, at the Kendal G.L. Isaacs National Gymnasium.

The tournament featured both karate and judo, and was very well received based on the attendance. There were a total of nine local martial arts schools that supported this combined martial arts event. Also, there were guests and competitors in from Anaheim, California; the Turks & Caicos Islands; Maryland, Baltimore; Newark, New Jersey; and Detroit, Michigan. Sensei Chin from the New Providence Martial Arts and Fitness Centre offered congratulations to all of the athletes who competed and gratitude to all of the coaches and parents who supported the event and assisted with weekends events leading up to the competition.

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