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Killings escalate

Less than 11 hours after two men were shot and killed at Potter’s Cay Dock on Wednesday night, police were called to the scene of another double murder in White’s Addition off Kemp Road yesterday.

Police said two men were shot and killed shortly after 7 a.m. yesterday.

Police said a car drove into White’s Addition and its occupants opened fire on three men, killing two of them and leaving another injured.

Roughly an hour after the murder, children began cautiously walking to school while other residents of the area crowded near the bodies until police cordoned the area off.

Police maintained a heavy presence in the community for several hours.

Distraught family members were inconsolable.

As she cried, one woman yelled, “Look at my brother!”

In the distance, another woman, who was believed to be the mother of one of the victims, was seen hysterically crying as loved ones tried to restrain her.

Hours after the incident, Commissioner of Police Anthony Ferguson and the Bahamas Christian Council walked throughout the community speaking with residents.

Ferguson told reporters that he formed a special team to deal with criminals known to the police.

“There are too many weapons in the hands of the wrong people,” he said, flanked by members of his executive team.

“I’ve assembled a special team to look closely at certain persons who we know. I expect that team to be very successful in rooting the criminal element out.

“I just want to caution persons now who believe you can be running all over the streets – there is a day. Every day ends. I want persons to be aware of that.”

Ferguson noted that there are many Bahamians who know someone with an illegal gun.

“I think now would be a good time to tell them to put that gun down or turn that in,” he said.

“That’s as much as I would say.”


Police said they are still trying to identify the victims of yesterday’s murders and the make and model of the vehicle involved.

However, The Nassau Guardian understands that one of the victims was Timothy Lewis, who was a construction worker in his late-30s.

Lewis’ neighbors described him as a quiet man who rarely bothered anyone.

Superintendent Shanta Knowles appealed to residents of Kemp Road for assistance.

“We need your help,” she said.

“We need the help from the people in the community. We need the help of mothers. We are burying our young men and we need to find ways to encourage our young people to resolve their conflicts without resorting to violence.”

This latest incident comes hours after police were called to investigate a double shooting at Potter’s Cay Dock.

When officers arrived on that scene, they found two men unresponsive with gunshot wounds to the upper body. They were pronounced dead at the scene.

Ferguson insisted that the two incidents were not connected.

“I am satisfied that we know who the person is,” he said, referring to the incident at Potter’s Cay.

“I expect very shortly, hopefully by the end of the day, we are [able] to make an arrest in respect to that individual.

“We also have the associate of the person who was along with the person last night and so it is unfortunate that something such as that took place on Potter’s Cay Dock where you have lots of persons going out and enjoying the evening.”

When asked if he was concerned by the spike in murders for the month, Ferguson said, “There is no spike and we need to stop putting fear in our people.

“Murders are down. Last year this time, we were way up and each year we intend to bring it down.”

The country’s murder count for the year so far is 29.

The murder count was 33 this time last year.

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