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Moss: Carnival Cruise Line should pay

With evidence proving that Carnival Cruise Line dumped pollutants in the waters of The Bahamas, the Coalition to Save Clifton (CTSC) believes that Carnival owes the Bahamian people not just an apology, but some compensation.

The government recently met with the Carnival Corporation in order to begin an investigation into the matter. In their response to the government, Carnival executives announced that there was no “negative impact” on the marine ecosystem because the sewage released in Bahamian waters was treated and removed of contaminants.

No legislative framework has been created or proposed concerning this issue in The Bahamas. However, CTSC Chairman Rev. C. B. Moss is raising the question: What is Carnival going to do about it? He advised that if there are no environmental laws in The Bahamas by which Carnival Cruise Line can be charged, then the company should at least, in a demonstration of good faith, give some financial compensation to The Bahamas.

The chairman added that this is especially important as Carnival Cruise Line is trying to establish a very extensive project on Grand Bahama in an environment that is extremely sensitive. He is convinced that if they have failed in this relatively minor event, there are concerns about what can be expected of them in the Grand Bahama project.

“So if they acknowledge dumping the pollutants, as they did, then they should be willing to compensate The Bahamas in some way, demonstrating good faith,” Rev. Moss said. “We are calling upon the government to ensure that this is not swept under the table, but that Carnival Cruise Line does the right thing, which is to compensate The Bahamas for the damage it has done.”


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