Thursday, Jan 23, 2020
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Wells: Post office opening next week

The new “state-of-the-art” General Post Office is on target to open at the Town Centre Mall next week, Minister of Transport and Local Government Renward Wells said today.

“We’re going to be having an opening of the post office very, very soon,” Wells told The Nassau Guardian.

“I told the media before that [it will happen] by the third week in May. I’m still holding to that. We are on target and we’re going to have that opening and the Bahamian people will be able to see where the new general post office is going to be.”

The move was slated to happen by Christmas, but was delayed to January 2019.

In early February, Wells said the relocation would happen in mid-February.

He later said that government was aiming for “the end of February, first week in March”.

The Nassau Guardian toured the mall in March with members of the Progressive Liberal Party (PLP), and met a construction site that appeared nowhere near completion.

Wells said today that the post office is already starting to operate from the mall.

This one’s epic!
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