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Brianna Moss named senior debutante

Brianna Moss, 17, is the new senior Debutante of the Year 2019-2020.

The St. Anne’s School student, a math whiz who is hoping for a future in the medical profession, was ecstatic to hear her name called during the Foundation’s Annual Ball.

“I had no idea that I would be crowned Debutante of the Year, so when my name was called, I was very shocked but also very happy,” said Moss.

Moss, who serves as vice president of her school’s Key Club and is a member of Junior Achievement (JA), Interact Club and the Student Christian Movement, thanked God for her title.

“At first, I was not 100 percent certain about wanting to join the Debutante program, but after watching my older sister’s friend join and complete the program, and wanting to get my face out there a little more, I knew that I would be a part of it,” said the teen.

Her father, Juan Moss, was beyond proud of his daughter. He said when she initially expressed interest in the program, his first thought was, “Oh Lord, another thing to add to my to-do-list.” Eventually, he said, he began to understand why the program was perfect for Brianna.

The Debutante Foundation program’s is teaching young ladies the importance of grace, poise, etiquette and education. It also focuses heavily on the father-daughter relationship.

During this year’s program, for the first time, the young women participated in the program’s first Rubis Road Safety Essay Competition, tasked with writing an essay in support of no texting and driving.

Alexandria Rolle penned the winning essay for a $1,500 prize. Shawna Sands earned $750 for her essay. Cymphony Sands took home $500 for third place.

Shiree Bain won the program’s speech competition.

The debutantes also had the opportunity to plan a fun day for themselves; they chose a movie night at Fusion Superplex’s IMAX Theatre.

With the father-daughter relationship a huge focus of the organization, the debutantes and their dads participated in a fun-run walk and enjoyed a tea party with their moms.

The Bahamas Debutante Foundation was founded by Christina Johnson.

“Our aim, with the Foundation, is to change the lives of the participants with the hope that the lives that we change will in turn change the lives of others,” said Johnson. “After 22 years, the steady membership is a testament to the foundation’s positive effect, especially with the addition of the junior debutantes and plans to expand to the Family Islands,” she said.
Kadrinique Burrows takes junior title

Prior to Brianna’s win, Kadrinique Burrows, 10, took home the junior debutante title. She was the second winner.

“I’m so happy. I gave it my all and I succeeded,” said the Gerald Cash Primary School 6th grade student.
Her parents expressed pride in their daughter.

Burrows, who aspires to be a performing arts dance teacher, is currently a member of her church’s dance ministry, Awana, and volunteers at the Bahamas Red Cross.

She is already contemplating enrolling in the senior debutante program which she will be eligible to join upon beginning her senior year in high school.

Johnson said she is appreciative of the consistent participation by young ladies over the years.
“There are some days where I feel like I may throw in the towel, but then I stop to think about what our young women and our country will be missing, and I do it all over again for them.”

Young women entering 6th or 12th grade in Fall 2019 wanting to participate in the Bahamas Debutantes Foundation program can make inquiries with their school’s guidance counsellor for an application form or contact Bahamas Debutante Foundation at

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