Tuesday, Oct 15, 2019
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Call for 30 days with no murder

Dear Editor,

We make the clarion call on all Bahamians and residents alike to pray and trouble God’s throne for divine intervention to reach a 30-day period with not one murder in our beloved Bahamaland.

Christians and persons who fear God must combine our collective will for divine favor to touch the hearts of men and women who attach no value on human life.

And as faith without works is dead, after we pray, we must put feet to our prayers by turning in and on criminals.

We should intercede for the good of our nation and not allow our political biases to hinder our prayers for our country’s peace and stability. It is a rank contradiction for parents or anyone to pray for peace in our land and then knowingly harbor criminals simply because of familial ties or because they benefit directly from such behaviors.

It is also incongruous to politicize the homicide rate and level of criminality in the country based only on which party currently is in office. A grieving mother is not comforted by statistics or by playing the blame game.

Indeed, we should pray fervently, but every patriotic Bahamian who sees or is aware of something nefarious also must say something to the police or the authorities. “Evil always prospers when good men do nothing.”

I call on all well-thinking people – Bahamians and residents, black and white, FNMs and PLPs, Catholics and Protestants – let us all come together as a collective to put the fear of God in the hearts of those who have no regard for their lives nor the lives of others.

– Bishop Simeon B. Hall


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