Tuesday, Oct 15, 2019
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Why did most media ignore big story?

Dear Editor,

The House of Assembly met last week Wednesday when the opposition-controlled Public Accounts Committee Chairman Philip E. Davis, MP for Cat Island, Rum Cay and San Salvador, presented the majority report of that committee.

The majority report was not adopted by the House and, instead, the House adopted the minority report, which was presented by Michael A. Foulkes, MP for the Golden Gates constituency.

The House did not adopt the majority report because it was not consistent with the ruling of Speaker Dr. Kendal Major that was delivered in 2015 under the PLP government. The minority report was adopted by the House because it was consistent with the ruling of Major.

Despite the fact that this has rarely if ever occurred in the House, and despite the fact that it is an important news story, it was hardly reported by the media, with the exception of The Tribune. Astonishingly, the government-owned ZNS TV channel ignored the story completely. I wonder why? Someone needs to look into this.

Imagine, the government of the day voting against a majority report of the Public Accounts Committee and, instead, had a minority report prepared and presented and then adopted. What a story in the history of our Parliament! Nevertheless it was ignored by most of the media, including the people’s TV channel.

The media have a special role in society and it begins with giving the people the facts about what has happened, especially in their Parliament but also, importantly, regarding all issues of public interest and concern.

– Alarmed

(Editor’s note: The Nassau Guardian also published a story on the PAC reports in its May 2, 2019 edition on page A3.) 

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