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Coach Russell organizes tennis session for youngsters

Recently at the Bahamas Lawn Tennis Association’s (BLTA) National Tennis Center, tennis coach and former national team player Chelsi Russell organized a red and orange ball session for young players.

Other coaches who participated with their students were Steve Taylor and Mike Butler, who is also president of the Southwest Tennis Club in Gainesville, Florida.

Coach Russell said the focus was on fun and fitness and having red and orange ball players compete against each other in match play.

A spokesperson from the BLTA expressed excitement for more opportunities for young players to compete and play.

“Intergroup play and competition is very positive for the growth and development of the sport,” a release stated. “We applaud Coach Chelsi for having the initiative to devise this session and to Coach Mike and Coach Steve for their support and participation.”

Butler recently organized a tennis tournament for beginners at the Flamingo Gardens tennis courts off Carmichael Road in southwestern New Providence, and the BLTA is optimistic that more tournaments and clinics will follow.

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