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Man says rare skin condition led him to rob John Bull at Baha Mar

A man who admitted to robbing John Bull at Baha Mar of almost half a million dollars’ worth of jewelry yesterday said a rare skin condition and poverty drove him to commit the crime and he regretted his involvement in it.

Jason Ferguson, 33, of Ferguson Drive, pleaded guilty to the charges of causing damage and stealing nearly $500,000 in merchandise from the outlet at the resort on May 5.

He was charged along with Phynarge Wright, 22, of Nassau Village, and Diego Carey, 24, of Frazier Allotment, who were both represented by Nathan Smith.

They appeared before Magistrate Samuel McKinney.

The prosecutor said Ferguson, who has no prior convictions, admitted to the crime during interrogation.

When asked by the magistrate if he had any comments before sentencing, Ferguson said, “I am in a really bad place right now. I am unable to work because of a rare skin disorder that I have. I would find work and my skin flares up. People would fire me because of how it looks and it smells and, therefore, I can’t hold a steady job because of my hereditary condition.

“My living conditions are utterly nothing. I have a family that I try to maintain by fixing motor vehicles and it was a foolish decision to involve myself with the robbery at Baha Mar.”

Ferguson said he is the father of a seven-year-old girl.

He was sentenced to four years for stealing and one year for causing damage. The sentences are expected to run concurrently.
Wright and Carey will return to court on July 1 and 2, 2019.

The robbery resulted in the theft of $451,625 of jewelry, including diamond earrings and rings, and Tag Heuer watches.
The most expensive item was a piece of diamond jewelry valued at $86,615.

The prosecutor noted that $45,399 worth of damage was caused to two glass showcases and a glass counter.

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