Saturday, Jan 18, 2020
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A fitting honor

Dear Editor,

As the bridge at the Fishing Hole is about to be completed, I cannot help but reflect and recall how Caleb Outten advocated for that bridge.

It was way back in the late eighties and early nineties that Caleb, as a high school student, could be seen in downtown Freeport, outside the “Winn Dixie” supermarket with his placards demanding that the powers that be build a bridge across the Fishing Hole.

Editor, I am sure that I am not the only one who recalls Caleb Outten’s advocacy for this bridge that is soon to become at long last a reality. On the opening day of the bridge, there will be a long line of persons seeking recognition for the success of the project, and perhaps rightfully so. However, editor, I humbly submit that we ought not forget that it was Caleb Outten who first advocated for that bridge, and maybe for that reason the bridge should be named in his honor.

– Daniel Williams

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