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God can do wonders

“And Jesus said, Somebody hath touched me; for I perceive that virtue is gone out of me.” – Luke 8:46

Globally, Sunday past, mothers were celebrated on Mother’s Day. Last year, Mother’s Day was celebrated on May 13, and there was added buzz to this event because within days, the “wedding of the century” of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle took place. Wow! What excitement! And so, time would have it that this past Mother’s Day, Meghan was now the Duchess of Sussex and the mother of a baby boy.
There was a lot of talk as to who Meghan was – divorced, not English by nationality, bi-racial and in her 30s, and, as we would say in our native dialect, “Lord, take this case.”

On being present at the birth of his son, Prince Harry praised in amazement the unique and powerful role of motherhood. Only woman has the distinct gift of bringing life into the world. For this occasion, we leave alone the world of other animals such as birds, etc.

Meghan, perhaps written off by friends and foes alike, was now the center of global publicity with the birth of her son.

Our text today gives account of a woman who by no means needed the services of public health, for the Bible says that for 12 years she paid the doctors. When her funds were depleted, she looked unto the hill for help. Hearing that Jesus was going to be in her town, her mind was made up that he was the source of her regaining her health.

The crowd was vast and she expected this, but she said that if only she could touch the hem of Jesus’ garment she was sure she would be healed. Perhaps, as my imagination would take me, she was only skin and bones from the 12 years of constant bleeding. Her physical frame allowed her to inch her way through any possible opening, and again her height was to her advantage – short and tiny.
At last her tender hands touched Jesus’ hem and a powerful reaction went through his body – “Someone touched me.” And Peter chided him for such a comment as the people thronged him. But it was a different touch – a touch of ultimate and profound faith. A touch that could move mountains and whatever obstacles are in the way of upward mobility. A touch of “I know and believe in what I want”.

Today, mothers come in many sizes, shapes and color but we are all sick in so many ways – financial, social, educational, spiritual and moral. No, there may not be health challenges like the woman in our text, but we are all in need of healing.
Put all your trust and faith in God who has the cure for our every sickness. We may be struck down, as was the case of Meghan, but we can rise up to conquer the enemies in our pathway. Just look what great things God can do for us if we live peacefully and faith-secured.

Rejoice and be glad, for if God can do wonders for one of his daughters, he can do it for you – another of his daughters. A blessed Happy Mother’s Day – and by the way, Mother’s Day should be celebrated every day.
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