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Lloyd ‘disturbed’ by ‘Muffin’ video

Police are investigating the circumstances of a recent viral video in which a young girl is being recorded lashing out, screaming and crying, according to Minister of Education Jeffrey Lloyd, who yesterday appealed to the public to be sensitive about the matter.

Lloyd said he found the the two-minute video, which was posted on social media, “disturbing” and said the government should consider penalties for people who make and spread such recordings.

The video shows an exchange between the young girl, who is being referred to as “Muffin”, and the woman who is recording her.

The woman behind the camera can be heard telling the little girl to clean the room.

However, the girl, who was in tears, continually refused.

At one point the girl can be heard saying, “Make me clean the room and I don’t care if you record me.”
At the end of the video, the same girl is seen hopping a fence and walking into a bushy area. 

Speaking on the matter during the evening sitting of Parliament, Lloyd said, “It’s quite disturbing to me, Mr. Speaker as the minister responsible for education in The Bahamas that the insensitivity and the abject disrespect that is exercised in our circumstance here in The Bahamas with regard to minor children, who have now become the subject and the object of ridicule and disparagement and offense.

“…The circumstances which I presume now is known to this community and this assembly has exposed the identity of this individual, with such a graphic representation that it is nearly impossible for her to hide and for the person related and associated with her now to be mortally offended by this issue.
“I just wish to appeal to our Bahamian community, to our adults in that community, to please, with the great facility of discretion, exercise sense and sensitivity to our young people.

“If adults wish to expose themselves and parade themselves before the electronic world in a manner which brings or visits ridicule and abuse upon them, that’s their business.

“But children must enjoy the protection of the civil society in which those children are required to exist, and I am disturbed as I become more aware.

“I am now advised and I wish to advise this honorable House that the circumstances attracted the attention of the Royal Bahamas Police Force and again it is a deeply disturbing circumstance to her family and to everyone affiliated and associated.”

Lloyd further invited the government to consider sanctions for persons who “knowingly record, by electronic means, and to display or forward or transmit to the wider community, world community, matters, incidences, circumstances, acts, which can bring an individual’s life into endless and probably unimaginable disrepute”.


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