Saturday, Jan 25, 2020
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Looking out for gambling patrons

Dear Editor,

Finance Minister Peter Turnquest acknowledges some difficulty in collecting gaming taxes from the number houses. I support the government in its effort to collect any and all legitimate taxes.

But minister, who is looking out for the consumers? You are the regulators of all gaming in The Bahamas. We, the patrons, have no idea if you are regulating the industry to ensure that the machines are not rigged in favor of the houses. When was the last time these machines were professionally calibrated? I hope I am wrong but I have a suspicion that patrons are being “played” (pun intended) by the houses. Regrettably, government only appears to be concerned about collecting taxes and nobody is looking out for we.

Stop “boxing” us in sir. Play us “straight”!
– Bradley L. Armbrister

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