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Residents given keys to new homes on Abaco

SPRING CITY, Abaco – Three first time homeowners yesterday received the keys for homes in a newly constructed subdivision in Spring City in Abaco.

Okita Parks, 28, who has worked as a server for a decade, was lost for words when she received the keys to her home during a ceremony in Spring City.

“I’m excited,” Parks said.“For me, it took a year.”

Asked what the process was like, Parks said, “Hard and stressful. I think I started buying stuff for my house the first month after I put down my down payment.”

Kyle Johnson, 28, a native of Grand Bahama, said it took him two years to get the home.

He said he was “overwhelmed” when he finally got his house keys.

“It’s something you only dream about but I’m glad it’s happening,” Johnson said.

Sinclair King, 23, who works as a massage therapist and nail technician, said she wants other young Bahamians to be inspired by her story.

“Never give up and always reach for the stars no matter how long it takes,” King said.

Asked why she chose Spring City for her first home, King said, “Because I like it. It fits my personality. It’s quiet. It’s cleanly and it’s just an overall good neighborhood.”

Years in the making

During the ceremony, Prime Minister Dr. Hubert Minnis noted that, in 2011, the government made provisions for 56 homes to be constructed in the subdivision.

But he said only 38 were completed.

“This paved the way in 2013 for the completion of the remaining 18 homes,” Minnis said.

“The construction of this portion of Spring City, where we are today, began with a loan furnished by the National Insurance Board. The construction of houses in Spring City presented various challenges.

“Though the funds for completion were dispersed, none of the houses were ever completed.

“The houses were left in various stages of completion.”

Minnis said assistance from the Bahamas Mortgage Corporation helped the completion of the project.

Minister of the Environment Romauld Ferreira said the handing over of the keys to the new homeowners represented the “government’s commitment to home ownership for all Bahamians”.

“As sure as we are here, we will not stop until every single Bahamian, [who] is desirous of owning a home, has that opportunity,” Ferreira said.

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