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Three killed by police

Police shot and killed three men in a home off Eastern Road yesterday morning after the men opened fire at officers who had attempted to execute a search warrant, Chief Superintendent Solomon Cash said.

The incident happened around 2:30 a.m. in a pink and white building on Newgate Road in the Blair Estates community, Cash said.

He said concerned citizens alerted police about the home.

“Police received information relative to wanted suspects for the most recent homicide in New Providence,” said Cash, who was outside the home and flanked by armed police.

“Officers executed a search warrant on the property. Once the officers entered the property they were confronted by two armed suspects who opened fire on the officers.

“The officers, being in fear for their lives, returned fire. Both suspects were shot and fatally injured. The officers then proceeded to the interior of the building where they breached.

“After they breached the building they were confronted by a third armed suspect. As a result of that the officers, again being in fear for their lives, opened fire, resulting in the third suspect being shot and fatally injured.”

Cash said police recovered three guns from the property.

When asked if the suspects used children as shields against the police, Cash said, “I am not privy to that information but I can tell you that there were other persons at the residence.”

Cash noted that all of the occupants of the home were taken into custody.

He said that one of the men killed was known to police.

Cash said Her Majesty’s Coroner Jeanine Weech-Gomez visited the scene.

The country’s latest murder occurred on Monday when five people were shot on Plantol Street. Police said one of the people shot died at the scene.

There were 11 fatal police-involved shootings and nine non-fatal police-involved shootings in 2018.

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